Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Karangan Bahasa Inggris


World Class University is not a new thing we hear. A term which means a World Class University or University has the name / class world. Become a world-class university is a dream for the all University in the world to become famous and better than others. The quality of Indonesian education, especially higher education is still lagging far behind west countries .This is proven many Universities western country that has been the World Class University. To achieve this goal is not an easy task and takes a variety of procedures that must be completed and fulfilled. the appropriate strategy to improve the quality of universities in Indonesia. World class university appears to be the main requirement for Indonesia if it wants to compete with foreign universities. We often hear a university or college that aspires to go international with a different target or targets success.

There are standards must fulfilled to become a world-class university, one of which is recognized by various institutions survay world class.
Like other universities, UNAND also has a dream to become an international university.
Many should be addressed to become an international class. Some classic problems have not been able to overcome by UNAND, that is: security, cleanliness, order, administration and problems of teaching and learning process.

Several standart should fulfilled by university to become a university proper as internasional level,such as : cuality of university graduate, quantity of writing work/. So that give satisfaction for user. It will impact for interest student to continue study in Andalas University.

Andalas University have many facilities are useful to support activities in campus, such as : build university / learning build, mosque, transportation,sport facilities, library, laboratorium until IT facilities,example: free internet.
From so much all facilities, Bus Campus always many problem by student university.

Should to this now must do is achieve TOP 10 the best university in indonesia, because it better that think about world class university.
We must start from oneself with to obey some thing regulation, prevent cleanliness, throw rubbish in place rubbish, etc.
We realize Andalas University is become famous and value University. Amiin....

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